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Jihl/Lightning - power play

nsfw. jihl should have her own warnings.


Tuesdays become a regular thing for the two of you.

You finish up the remains of your paperwork, pack up your things, and meet her by the door to bid her goodnight. She nods and holds the door for you as you go, and when you slip outside and take long strides to your velocycle, you can feel Lightning’s eyes on you the whole way. 

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In 60 years

  • grandchild: grandma why are you so bitter??
  • me: *takes a swig of vodka*
  • me: *lights up cuban cigar*
  • me: *gazes out the window*
  • me: my otp will never be canon
  • *roll credits*

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Exercise caution, especially with things labeled “fresh” pizza

I dunno, I’m most worried about “stairs”

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When you’re just scrolling and then you suddenly find porn


When you scroll down and you keep seeing more and more


What makes this so accurate is the amount of cocks

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Meanwhile in Papua New Guinea.


Meanwhile in Papua New Guinea.



"Isabela would be more concerned with scamming one of you nerds out of their money and the making a quick get away than this nonsense, what character are you thinking about cause it sure as hell isn’t her"

you mean the isabela that while flirting with a male hawke, her first reaction to a female hawke is to WARN her that the hanged man is full of men who won’t respect her boundaries and may try to hurt her

or the isabela that comes back with the tome despite facing near-certain death because hawke is her friend

or the isabela that refused to traffic slaves

or who vehemently defends merrill from criticism from fenris, anders, aveline and even HAWKE

honey you could not be more wrong about the kind of person isabela is

i can’t keep this in i’m sorry rhona i gotta rant

i am so TIRED of this fandom and their absolutely incorrect view of isabela. who think she’s selfish, who think she would rather place a knife in your back and run away than help a friend out.

because it seems to me nobody fucking paid attention to her act 3 dialogue at all, because you actually see that in spite of isabela’s confidence there is somewhere deep inside her that believes she’s a horrible person, aka ‘i’m just a lying, thieving snake’ as she eloquently puts.

do you think isabela would say that, actually sounding ashamed and upset as she says that line to hawke, if she actually was those things??

isabela is so unbelievably kind. she stops nosy guardsmen and nobles from evicting fenris, she defends merrill at every chance she can, she cares and gives advice to bethany, and she doesn’t shame sebastian for his chastity unlike varric and others. she doesn’t even say shit about anders, who on the other hand, loves to slate her whatever chance he can get.

if you even got a chance to know isabela in the game she comes back to save hawke after running away, because she doesn’t want her friend/love to get punished.

do not talk shit about isabela i stg

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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry but elves just look wrong as POC, they lose so much of their ethereal beauty and the purity that they represent.



*makes hour-long fart noises*

"Im sorry but black people cant be elves because black people arent beautiful or good"

Please tell me this anon is fucking joking.

writing tip #925:


love making up stories but don’t have the skills to write a novel? fox news is always hiring

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